Ellie Lynne Photography Photos, Part 2 {Lifestyle}

Here is part 2 of my favorite photos!  These are everything that isn’t human. Which photo do you like best? Read More

{Recipe} Summer Corn Chowder

I grew up in Rhode Island, which meant we went to the beach often.  Nothing brings up memories of summer in Rhode Island than chowdah!  I hate clams, so this recipe is enough to satisfy the craving for chowder without making me gag.

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7 Top Kitchen Tools {Lifestyle}

I am not a chef.  I am not even a foodie in the sense that I use weird ingredients and kitchen tools.  I am a simple girl, cooking simple dishes, using simple tools.  I cook for my family daily and, over time, I have developed fondness for certain kitchen tools.  I know that every person that cooks in the kitchen will have their own personal top favorite things they use in the kitchen, but these are the ones that I use the most.  I was going to give you my top 5, but have two extra items that I had to share with you! Read More

Ellie Lynne Photography, Part 1 {Lifestyle}

I have been a hobby photographer since college, maybe even before.  I am always looking at new ways to photograph!  Ever since having Lemon, I haven’t photographed much besides her, but she’s my favorite subject!  Which is your favorite?  Post below. Read More

Rapunzel Braid

Lemon is OBSESSED with Disney’s Rapunzel.  Obsessed. In fact, she calls herself Rapunzel!  (“Yup!  That’s my name!  That’s my real name!”). When I was randomly discussing what she wanted to be for Halloween with her yesterday after I came across Halloween ideas on Pinterest, she said she wanted to be Rapunzel again (she was Rapunzel last year!).  Wanting to take it up a notch from her costume last year, I decided to make her a Rapunzel braid!  I was inspired from the scene where she goes to her hometown for the lantern lighting ceremony and gets her hair braided and flowered by the local girls.

I won’t lie—this isn’t super easy to make.  The key is to try and keep the yarn from knotting and tangling.  I almost went insane!  I am so thankful my husband took Lemon and himself out of the house while I worked on this.  Of course, I like to make things extra difficult for myself because things are too easy, so I also added three braids to each section.  I am so smart.  (I wouldn’t suggest you do this AT ALL.).  Read More

{Recipe) Basil Pesto

Last year, I had two basil plants.  By the end of the season, they were 4 feet high!  That’s a lot of basil!  Together with my husband, we plucked off all the leaves, and I made pesto.  I believe I made about 16 cups of pesto?  I had enough for us to enjoy a little taste of summer all winter!

However, with the super high cost of pine nuts, the recipe I used doesn’t use pine nuts.  We aren’t made of money here!  Instead, I used a mixture of almonds and unsalted pistachios. It still tasted amazing! Read More

5 Ways Anxiety Can Cause Physical Signs {Lifestyle}

I don’t talk about my anxiety with others much because I am tired of hearing from Christians that I need to pray more, that need to have more faith so that God could take it away.  I was recently talking to someone who said the same thing about her bout of depression.  She didn’t tell anyone because she just didn’t want to hear this!  She, in fact, did pray about it a lot, and did not go away.  It doesn’t make her or me a bad Christian; it just means that God has other plans.

I have dealt with panic attacks and anxiety for as long as I can literally remember.  I remember getting ready for the first day of school as an early elementary student and having to throw up because I was so nervous.  By the end of the day, my anxiety is gone.  I remember as a college student throwing up in the airport on my way to college, and throwing up before certain classes because my panic attacks were so strong.  I thought it was normal to get so stressed before a test or before a big event, and having to throw up in the morning.  I thought that was just what you do.  Then, I realized later in life that’s not normal.

Anxiety is Mental and Physical

Even though my anxiety is mental (depressing thoughts, thoughts of feeling like I am not good enough, thoughts of the worst thing possible that could happen to “prepare” myself, etc.), my anxiety is also very physical. Read More

Growing Tomatoes {How To}

Tomatoes are a staple in my garden!  I have grown them every year I have had my garden.  A couple of years after I started my garden, I have gotten my tomato seedlings from a local nursery and that made all the difference in the world!  If you can, get your seedlings from a local nursery as apposed from a big box store, as your plants will be healthier and will do so much better than mass produced plants.

You can grow from seeds if you want, but I don’t like to do that.  With a toddler, I don’t have time to grow all my plants from seeds, especially when I can get amazing seedlings locally.  Sometimes, it’s not worth starting from seeds.  However, you will have more of a wider selection for your plants if you start from seeds as opposed to seedlings.  For me, our family loves cherry tomatoes.  (Plus, we have issues with chipmunks; cherry tomatoes are easier to grow as opposed to the large tomatoes, which they love to take bites out of!) Read More

{DIY} Natural Sports Drink

Did you know that some sports drinks have Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) in it?  BVO is patented as a flame retardant!  My husband works in the hot summer sun and humidity and needs to replenish his fluids and salt.  This recipe is actually a good and non-toxic way to do that.  My husband likes it and it works!  I actually brought this with me when I was in labor and it was so good to sip and replenish my fluids.

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CSB Study Bible for Women & Giveaway {Review}

The CSB Study Bible for Women is one of the most comprehensive study Bible ever prepared for women by women.  The women who edited and wrote the studies are all academically trained in the original languages of the Bible and zealous about God’s Word.

As I have said before, I own a lot of Bibles, including the She Reads Truth Bible, and the CSB Study Bible for Women is just as beautiful!  Published by the same company as the SRT Bible, it is a simpler version than the SRT Bible, but it is just as lovely.  In fact, as someone who likes things simple, this Bible is more of what I like.  I know that God’s Word doesn’t have to be pretty, but why not?  God made flowers, oceans, and mountain scenery for us to enjoy, so why not His word?  I love the color of the cover! (Blues are my jam.)  The hardback cover is covered in a light turquoise and sand linen.  Having the Bible in a hardcover is quite nice, as I have had many soft-cover leather Bibles fall apart quickly.  The binding is smyth-sewn.  On the page that starts each book, there is a beautiful flower illustration. Read More

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