CSB Study Bible for Women & Giveaway {Review}

The CSB Study Bible for Women is one of the most comprehensive study Bible ever prepared for women by women.  The women who edited and wrote the studies are all academically trained in the original languages of the Bible and zealous about God’s Word.

As I have said before, I own a lot of Bibles, including the She Reads Truth Bible, and the CSB Study Bible for Women is just as beautiful!  Published by the same company as the SRT Bible, it is a simpler version than the SRT Bible, but it is just as lovely.  In fact, as someone who likes things simple, this Bible is more of what I like.  I know that God’s Word doesn’t have to be pretty, but why not?  God made flowers, oceans, and mountain scenery for us to enjoy, so why not His word?  I love the color of the cover! (Blues are my jam.)  The hardback cover is covered in a light turquoise and sand linen.  Having the Bible in a hardcover is quite nice, as I have had many soft-cover leather Bibles fall apart quickly.  The binding is smyth-sewn.  On the page that starts each book, there is a beautiful flower illustration. Read More

{Recipe} Roasted Pepper Pasta

This dish of roasted pepper pasta AMAZING!  This is seriously my favorite dish I make. It is pasta, healthy, but best of all, it’s full of wonderful flavors!

Ok, so maybe it isn’t that healthy.  But, peppers are healthy for you, so there’s that!  In fact, you could make it healthier for you by using whole wheat pasta.

I make my own roasted peppers. You can buy it in a jar, but freshly roasted pepper tastes so much better.  Roasting your own gives your pasta that extra pop you will love and crave!  Freshly roasted peppers aren’t mushy while sitting in a bath of oil.  Yuck!  You can use either large peppers or small sweet ones in red, orange, and/or yellow.  (I like to use the smaller ones as I like the favors of those better.)  It really doesn’t take much effort to make your own roasted peppers—just some time.  But, this can be easily done as you prepare the rest of your meal, do laundry, work on your child’s homework, what have you!

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Compost {How To}

Even if you are short on time, you can compost.  It’s a great way of cutting down on the amount of trash you throw away, and you get the richest dirt for free!

There are two kinds of materials you add to your compost:  green materials, which are full of nitrogen, and brown materials, which are full of carbon.  You should try to add equal amounts to your compost.  If you add equal amounts, you will get usable dirt quicker. Read More

God Bless You and Goodnight {Review}

We have another book for our book repertoire!  This one is a cute bedtime book based on a nightly routine of eating a snack, taking a bath, getting dressed, reading a bedtime book, climbing into bed, saying prayers, getting a bedtime hug, singing a song, and counting sheep before going to sleep.  As I mentioned to you before, we brush Lemon’s teeth, have her go potty, put on the PJs, and then read her three books.  Lately, we have been on a Frozen, Pinkalicious, and Elephant and Piggie kick.   I don’t mind as they are all delightful books, but I especially love Elephant and Piggie.  I love all books by Mo Willems!  If it was up to Lemon, we’d read all these books every day.  Children love reputation, don’t they?  However, I always love when she picks one of her books about God.  Recently, Lemon and I got an opportunity  to review a book named God Bless You and Goodnight.

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{DIY} Natural Deodorant

Most of the deodorants on the market do more harm to your body than good.  In fact, your deodorant could possibly give you cancer!  Ever since finding out this information, I have looked into alternative ways to keep myself stink free, like this natural deodorant.

What are the harmful ingredients in most commercial deodorants?

  1. Parabens

There are parabens in nearly every cosmetic product out there and deodorants too. During this study in 2004, it has been claimed that it has been linked to breast cancer.  It’s said to disturb the body’s normal hormone balance and mimic estrogen.  (Remember that both men and women can get breast cancer.)  American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute have both said that there is not “conclusive evidence” that parabens cause cancer.  Much more evidence is needed, yes, but low-dose mixtures of environmental chemicals could cause cancer. Read More

We Are All Designed Differently {Inspiration}

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139:13

In this day and age, with the popularity of social media, it is so easy to post about our day to day life with our children.  We blog about parenting and how we do things.  It is also easy to criticize and judge how someone parents because someone does it different than we do. Not because it is detrimental to a child.  Not because it is abusive.  Not because it is illegal.  But, because it is different than what we would and have done.

However, we are all designed differently.  Not one of us is the same, even twins!  Don’t be afraid to be different.  God created us with unique features, personalities and traits.  We cannot accomplish great things by all being the same!  Celebrate that! Read More

You Can Stay Home with Your Kids! {Review}

Remember my friend, Erin Odom, whose book, More Than Just Making It I reviewed as my first post here?  Well, she recently wrote a new gift book called You Can Stay Home with Your Kids!  It is a great compliment to her first book, and it is so full of great ideas!  Have you ever wanted to stay home with your children, but you can’t see how you can?  Perhaps you already are staying home with your children, but you are struggling financially.  This book will give you so many good ideas on how you can save money and even how you could make some money from home. Those who struggle with money often have one of two problems—an income problem or a spending problem.

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Baby Led Wean {How To}

When you have a child who is reaching the milestone of staring the first solid foods, you naturally have visions of you sitting there, spooning out pears or rice cereal with a tiny spoon and shoving it into your little one’s opened mouth.  But, for a child over 6 months (the minimum age to introduce solid foods), purred foods are not necessary!  Purred foods have become the norm in society.  Why?  Because that’s how babies have been fed from generation to generation.

Throughout history and up until a few generations ago, it was generally recommended that babies who were not breastfed and couldn’t tolerate cow’s milk should begin to receive cereal and purred foods early as the first month after birth.  Since the babies were so young, the food and to be pureed in order to be swallowed since their tongue thrust reflex was so strong. Read More

Prone to Wander Phone Cases {Review}

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it,

Prone to leave the God I love,

Here’s my heart, O take and seal it;

Seal it for thy courts above.


This song has been in my head ever since I got these three phone cases by Prone to Wander to test and tell you about.  We are all prone to wander from God aren’t we?  We, sometimes, need a little encouragement to stay close to God.  Sometimes, we need a little reminder of the truth and purpose of God’s Word.

Prone to Wander {link} is a website that sells trendy items to help you keep your mind on God.  They add parts of verses to art prints, canvas banners, digital art printables, and phone cases.  They set your mind back on God when you get too busy with life and forget what God can do for you. Read More

Sweet Potato Fries {Recipe}

Do you love fries as much as I do?  It’s one of my kryptonites.  But, unfortunately, fries are not good for you because they’re usually fried in saturated fats.  Too much of that is not good for your health.

This recipe of sweet potatoes is extra special because the fries are not fried, they are baked!  Yes!

I will not go into a debate whether potatoes are bad or good for you, and whether sweet potatoes are better for you, but I will post the following to show you that they are both good for you!  I think it all boils down to which you prefer. Read More

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