Crabbies {Recipe}

Do you have a holiday favorite that you have had every Christmas for as long as you can remember?  For me, it is crabbies.  We always had that Christmas day, as well as bacon wrapped chestnuts, deviled eggs, and other appetizers.  We pretty much fill up on appetizers that, by the time that dinner rolled around, we were too full to each much of the dinner!  In recent years, we have all gotten smart enough to have a light dinner of something that isn’t too holiday-ish, such as sushi.

Crabbies are not what you think they are.  I have realized that this is a New England dish as many Southerners and Westerners have never heard of it.  Even people who don’t like seafood like these as you can’t really even taste the crabmeat!  It’s not like a crab cake at all.

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Stress Free Holiday Season

There was a time very recently when I didn’t like Christmas time at all.  Sure, I loved that it was about Jesus’ birth and loved the lights.  However, I hated the stress. I hated the pressure to find the perfect gift for family members.  I hated the commercial holiday being forced down my throat.  Most of all, I hated how the holiday made people mean, angry, selfish, and rude.  People aren’t usually nice in my area anyway, but I could see that people were extra mean just driving in their cars—never mind in the stores!  Yikes!  I’ve been shoved in stores during the holidays.  (Now I just avoid going to stores after Thanksgiving.)  But, this year has been different for us—we have been striving to have a stress free holiday season.  Sure, the rude people still get under my skin (happiest time of year, my foot!), but I am striving not to get things bother me.

I had enough of being stressed during the holidays.  I told people not to get us gifts in exchange for us not getting them any.  I told them that we need to keep our meals simple—no need for 3 main dishes and 20 sides, never mind the apps and the dessert! Just their presence and love was needed.  I simplified the holidays by starting to focus on what Jesus did for us and by creating memories for Lemon to enjoy when she’s older.

How do you have a stress free holiday season?  I thought of four ways you could change to make it easier for you, but there are more ways!

Limit the amount of gifts

Do getting the perfect gift and completing your children’s Christmas list stress you out?  Get them fewer gifts!  Kids are more grateful when they receive fewer gifts. When they get so many gifts, they just expect to get mounds of gifts instead of appreciating what they got.

Control yourself! Yes, I know that you love your kids, but why go into debt for one day?  Your kids may act surprised and happy when they get those gifts, but, most likely, they will not even play with it the week after Christmas.  They will forget about those gifts a month after Christmas, and, essentially, you wasted your money.

Do your kids say thank you when they get gifts?  No?  That bothers me too.  I had some children that I would give gifts to that would never say thank you.  I am less inclined to give those gifts because of that.  Why spend my hard earned money on children that don’t appreciate it?  Kids become more aware of gratitude when they see it or hear it.  Model the gratitude by regularly expressing appreciation for the things and people you have in your life.

We do the 3/4 gifts here at Christmas.  Jesus only got three gifts at Christmas, and that is good enough for my child.  (Sometimes we can’t help things and get her an extra gift.)  You may have seen online that some people get four gifts:  Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.  We don’t go by those rules, but it’s not a bad idea!

Another idea is experiences.  Monthly boxes (such as science or art boxes), memberships to local places (like the aquarium, zoo, dance classes), or a trip are good ideas for gifts.  These create more memories than a mound of toys.  Cornell psychology professor Tom Gilovich has found that people are more likely to be thankful for experiences than for material possessions.  A family dinner, a trip to the aquarium, or even a hike in the woods creates a spirit of gratitude that outlasts even the nicest Xbox.

Make Jesus the Focus

Do you remember that saying in the early 2000s WWJD?  Even though that turned out to be a cheesy saying, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to follow at Christmas time!  Instead of thinking of what you would like to get for Christmas (or allow your children to because obsessed with what they are getting for Christmas), make the focus on what you could give.  This will help take the some of the pressure and help you focus on making it a stress free holiday for you.

Focus on what Jesus did for you.  Christmas isn’t about Santa, the Elf on the Shelf, the presents, the food, the parties, or the decorations.  Sure, those things are nice, but those things shouldn’t be the focus.  I have noticed that when I focus on all the other things and not what Jesus did for us on Christmas, then I get stressed and not so jolly.  Jesus left the comforts of Heaven to come to earth for us, born in a smelly, dirty stable, roamed around the Middle East without a home to tell His message, died on the Cross for our sins, then came back to life three days later.  All for us!  Keep these in mind this holiday season whenever you feel the stress coming on. Jesus didn’t come to earth to get and do things for Himself; everything He did was for others.

Start by finding appropriate educational materials and talking about the experience of those that are less fortunate.  Some families sponsor other families, donate food, toys, and clothing, as well as giving their time and service.  Older children can help donate their time at soup kitchens.  Younger children can give their saved cash to the red kettle.  This helps get the focus off of you and onto others.  But, don’t just stop when Christmas ends!  The less fortunate doesn’t disappear when the holiday are over.

Just Say No

You don’t need to go to do everything you find on Pinterest, participate in every cookie exchange, go to every party you’re invited to!  You can say no.  In fact, doing everything is just a recipe that your child (or yourself!) will have a meltdown Christmas Eve!

If your child demands the Elf on the Shelf, but you know that it’s going to be stressful to move it every night, tell him no, or come up with a plan to make it easy for you!  You don’t need to give your child everything they ask for.  They’ll get over it.

If you’re invited to a party and you are just worn out and tired, decline!  It will be ok and life will go on if you don’t go to every party.

Say it with me:


Ah.  Doesn’t that feel good?


You don’t need to do every cute Christmas thing you see on Pinterest.  Your house doesn’t have to look like it belongs in a magazine.  If your tree has all the ornaments at the bottom because that’s where your child put them, so be it!  The experience excited your child, and to see you taking over the tree could break her heart.  If you don’t have time or the energy to get the light up on the house this year, so be it!  You can’t see the lights from inside your house anyway!  Allow the neighbors to decorate their house for you to enjoy.

If the tradition of cooking a ton of food for Christmas stresses you out, consider having a special, simple meal.  Ask others what their favorite dishes are to eat for Christmas dinner and focus on those.  If it doesn’t stress you out more, ask others for help make the dishes!  Having a week’s worth of leftovers can get old quick anyway, and having a simple Christmas meal can help your waistline as well.

Think of what is truly important to you, what memories you would like to pass on to your children.  Doing everything will not give them memories; it’ll just cause meltdowns and chaos.  Ask them what things they like about Christmas the most (besides the presents, of course!) and focus on that.  One of Lemon’s favorite things to do during the holidays is taking the links off her countdown garland.

Take time to stop and enjoy the holiday. Don’t make yourself so busy that you become so stressed and miss out on the holiday itself.  That would make for a miserable January and February!  A stress free holiday is a great way to end out the year.  Life goes by so fast—make sure you take time to enjoy it.  Don’t let it pass by with making yourself so busy.

Christmas Countdown {How To}

When you have little ones, the wait until Christmas is an unbearable one.  They don’t quite get time yet and even an hour seems like a year.  To make the time go by quicker (or at least without a million “Is it Christmas yet?” questions), I have made an easy Christmas countdown. As a result, it makes the long wait to Christmas a bit easier.  It’s quite simple to make as well! I add slips of paper on the inside to some of the loops to add a fun activity to some days to make the time go by.  If your children are in school, you could do these activities on the weekends! Read More

Stop Living a Pinterest Perfect Life {Inspiration}

“As it is written:  “There is no one righteous, not even one.”

-Romans 3:10

As any Christian knows, there is no one perfect in the world.  We just aren’t because of the sin that entered the world with Adam and Eve; it is impossible to be perfect.  However, with social media’s technology, there is a pressure to be perfect.  To have perfect, beachy hair.  To have perfect skin.  To have our kids be happy, smiley, and getting along all the time.  To have an airy, perfectly clean house without a crumb on the floor, kid’s toys in their own containers, and perfect lighting for photographing.  To have perfect girl’s night out, full of flawlessness. Read More

Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science Book Review & Giveaway!

I am always looking for new ways to incorporate God into everyday things for Lemon.  She’s really sensitive to God right now and frequently talks about Heaven. (Partly is because my dad just died and we want her to understand she won’t see him again until she gets to Heaven.)  She wants to go there so bad!  She also loves her “Babble” (Bible) time at bedtime.  Her favorite stories are Noah and the Ark and Daniel and the Lion’s Den.  When I had the opportunity to review this devotional book for kids called Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science by Louie Giglio (available for purchase here), I was so excited!  This way, we can spend our daily time in God’s word exploring about the world around is and learn how God is in everything.

Indescribable book Read More

Julie Elias “A Girl Like Me” CD Review & Giveaway!

I will have to admit that I had never heard of Julie Elias before I was given an opportunity to review her latest CD “A Girl Like Me”.  I do listen to KLove when I can, but I never heard of her.  However, when I heard her story, I was immediately intrigued!

Julie Elias CD

As  you probably know, my husband is in the Hollywood business, like Julie was.  (My husband has been an extra in 99 movies and TV shows.)  After college, Julie moved to LA to follow her dreams of working in the business.  She did various roles in theater, short films, and extra work on shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “CSI: NY”, but her heart wasn’t really into it.  She realized that God was calling her into music.  Her singing at her home church during Christmas season brought her to the attention of a few people in the Christian music industry.  She began to work with Dove-award winning producer Robert White Johnson to produce her debut album A Wild Rose and her Christmas album Holy Night.  She self-produced two albums Love Rain Down and Unbroken.  Her song “Home” was #1for multiple weeks on Christian Radio Charts in 2015.  Her transparency and humility connected with her audiences, especially teen girls.

Julie Elias

Even though she is still creating music, her focus is now empowering teen girls.  In 2014, Julie Elias founded Aurora Ministries, a 501c non-profit that creates Christian material and events especially for teens and tween girls.  Through music, booklets, blogging (, conferences, and girls’ events, Julie has been able to share God’s role in her life—even when she didn’t think He was there—and find common ground to inspire young women all around the world.

Her newest album, A Girl Like Me became available on all digital media outlets on October 27, 2017.  This album is meant to be a companion to her girls’ events with Aurora Ministries and conferences.  Every original song on the album has an intentional purpose and story behind it.  For instance, the song “Forgive Me” is about a conflict with a good friend.  “A Girl Like Me” is about her own feelings of unworthiness.  She even covers one of her favorite Christian songs when she was a teen with a cover of DC Talk’s “In the Light”.  Whether you are a young woman learning her way in life, or a young woman at heart, this album will remind you that, despite our failures and stubbornness, we need to “believe a girl like me could be worthy of a King.”

Julie Elias' CD available on iTunes

Her voice is not overworked and over-processed like a lot of music I have been hearing lately.  It is a breath of fresh air!  You can picture yourself in church listening to someone sing worship.  You can hear the love and admiration she has for God in everything she sings.  The CD itself isn’t showy, which is what I love best.

My favorite song on the CD is, ironically, A Girl Like Me. It’s a very sweet-sounding song, very simple and minimalistic, bringing out Julie Elias’ voice.  The lyrics she wrote will really speak to anyone who fails from time and again:

In the stillness, I sense you near me, Echoes in the blowing wind/A quiet voice within/Longing for something greater/I thought I understood/But don’t believe I could/I make the same mistakes/No matter what I say/Embarrassed by humanity/So afraid, afraid to let You see/But you still hold me/When I fall apart, you see my heart/Every weakness and shame/Yet you still love me/You still believe a girl like me could be worthy of a King/A girl like me/Despite the fanfare, You hear the real me./he deepest hurt unspoken./very cry of raw emotion/You see my beauty through my sadness/A little girl you know by name/design not done in vain/Oh it must make You sad/When I focus on what’s bad/What I don’t have and what I want/When you’re all, you’re all I really need/still believe a girl like me could be worthy of a King/A girl like me.

Back of Julie Elias CD

Interested in hearing more from this inspirational lady?  Please check out her website at  I am very impressed in what she is doing for God!

Would you like to win one of five of these CDs?  Click on the link below to enter to win!  You will love this CD, especially if you have young girls and teen girls in your house.  Julie Alias is a great example for your girls to follow.  (Contest ends on 12/10/2017.  If you win, you will be notified by email.)

Enter to Win Julie Elias CD

*FrontGate Media provided me a reader’s copy of this CD to review for Julie Elias.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you would like to enter another contest, see my other post, on winning a She Reads Truth Bible!


Artichoke Hearts Braised in Lemon {Recipe}

This is the final Thanksgiving recipe installment for this year.  Have you found anything that you liked yet?  I would love to know if you made anything I posted on here!

This recipe is surprisingly good!  If artichokes are done right, they are so tasty.

When I was younger, I lived in two places that were close to Washington, D.C.   I would go often as I loved exploring the Smithsonian museums (the American History one is my favorite), as well as swing dancing events.  On our way home one time from some kind of event (I can’t remember what), we stopped at a brick oven pizzeria in Chinatown.  Feeling daring, I ordered a pizza with artichokes on top of it.  I am not sure why I ordered that as I never had artichokes in my lifetime, maybe it was because it had black olives on it (I am a HUGE fan of black olives!  I have been known to eat a whole can of black olives…).  I am unsure what was else on the pizza as it was a long time ago, but those artichokes really stood out to me!  Once in a while, I still put artichokes on my pizza.  Eating that pizza started my love for artichokes.


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Garlic Parmesan Roasted Carrots {Recipe}

Here is another installment in what you could bring to Thanksgiving that will impress even the pickiest of eaters!  Do you need a last-minute side to add to your table but you’re unsure what to make?  Are you tired of the same-old recipes you’ve been making year after year and are looking for a new recipe to add a kick to your menu?  I made these roasted carrots when I had a huge influx of carrots from our garden last year.  I wanted to do something special with them, and I knew that roasting them was a huge hit in my house hold.  Carrots are one vegetable that my toddler does eat. (Hallelujah!  Something healthy my toddler likes to eat!)  Roasted does make it all that much better!  I mean, she does eat carrots raw, but I like to mix it up every once in a while.roasted carrots

Notice a pattern here?  We like roasting our vegetables here.  Oven roasting vegetables brings out the natural sweetness of the vegetables, which is great for adults and children alike. Read More

7 Items to Buy at a Thrift Store {Lifestyle}

My husband has had a love for thrift stores for as long as he can remember.  He has always liked finding what was someone’s trash and made into treasure again.  (He also loves to save money—he’s very thrifty!)  I don’t remember going into a thrift store until I was in my senior year of college.  With limited funds, I couldn’t believe how far my money went there!  Now, when I need to find ways to be frugal, going to a thrift store is first on my list!  Over the years, I have learned some secrets to used stores. Read More

She Reads Truth Bible Review & Giveaway!

I got my first Bible for Christmas the year I was 14.  (Earlier that year, I became a born-again Christian at a Christian camp in NH.)  My second one was given to me by my first college boyfriend my freshman year, which I used all through my college career.  I have gotten a few Bibles since then, but nothing has come close to this Bible.  The She Reads Truth Bible is nothing but a work of art!

I have wanted this Bible since I have first heard about it, but I hesitated getting it.  I decided to wait for a special day like Christmas or my birthday to ask for it.  I mean, I have three Bible that haven’t totally fallen apart again, never mind the one on my phone that I read daily, so why do I need a new one?  But, am a visual learner, so anything pretty makes me drool. Read More

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