{Recipe} Tomato Gravy

If you grow your own garden, you, most likely, have tomatoes, and plenty of them.  The only tomatoes I grow are cherry tomatoes.  I have learned these are the best to grow in our area (thanks to the nibbling chipmunks), and they are perfect for my little one to pick and pop in her mouth!  But, thanks to my amazing growing skills (heh heh heh), we always seem to have an overabundance for cherry tomatoes.

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Paul, the Apostle of Christ

What kind of learner are you?  Are you visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic?  Of course, we all are a combination of things.  Recently, I realized that I am a visual learner, through and through.  I have always loved to read and I can learn greatly by doing things, but I learn best when I can see how something is done. 

When I read the Bible, my mind’s imagination takes over and I imagine how the events happened.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to see how God used Moses to separate the Red Sea?  How about seeing Jesus on the mountainside teaching the thousands of people?  Or Paul being brave crossing the oceans to tell as many people about Jesus?  Reading about it is one thing, but seeing it is a whole other thing.  In this day and age, movies can be a great way to learn, if they’re done right.  I think seeing the events in the Bible helps make the events have a bigger impact in your life that you will remember for years to come.

I was given the opportunity to watch and review Paul, Apostle of Christ just for you!  This movie focuses on the end of Paul’s life when he was in Roman jail.  He was under the watchful eye of Mauritius who doesn’t understand how this old man could pose such a threat to the government.  While in jail, just before the end of his life, Luke writes another letter (and book) that to Timothy to help with the details of what will become to know as the church.

I felt lead to allow my 4 year old to watch Paul, Apostle of Christ with us, even though it’s rated PG-13 due to some violent content and disturbing images.  As I have mentioned in the past, we read her Bible to her every night, so she is familiar with Paul and his adventures.  We feel it’s important for her to learn as much as she can about the Bible, even the not-so-nice parts.  It was over her head, yes and she did lose interest for half of it, it did allow small talks about parts of the Bible she did know and was taught (like when Saul became Paul).

What really stood out to me was how it put a strong light on how early Christians were tortured just for believing in Jesus.  It made me realize how easy we have it as Christians now and we all should be thankful for that!  I also loved how some Bible verses were actually quoted in this.  That was awesome to hear.

Of course, they took artistic liberty, but creators of Biblical movies have to with how limited the Bible is about talking about certain events.


I think it’s very important to make christian movies as well as it’s able and stay away from campy or cheesy aspects.  Paul, Apostle of Christ does just that.  It’s very well made and the acting is phenomenal.  It shows that it’s possible to make a movie that is well made and high quality.  But, most importantly, the movie has taught me more about the life of Paul and Luke that I otherwise didn’t know or realize.

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Always Enough, Never Too Much

One of the main things I struggle with as a Christian is being insecure with myself.  It’s not all the time, mind you, but it does happen.  I know that we are not supposed to feel insecurity when we identify with God, but it’s a battle many, if not all, of us struggle with.  Can I be real with y’all?  Social media doesn’t help sometimes.  Yes, social media can be a great tool to bring people together that we otherwise would’t have known—recently, I have been in an amazing group started by the wonderful Amy Weaverly and the group has been amazing!  I love how I can feel free to share thoughts and feelings that I otherwise wouldn’t share even on my own page or in posts by my other friends.  No one judges there, they just life each other up in praise and prayer.  I feel close to these ladies!  This is the way social media should be.  However, it also can bring some thoughts of self doubt.

I know you’ve been there, too.  We’ve all had those little voices of insecurities in our head.  As much as we have tried to stop them, they tend to creep up when we least expect it.  It’s as if Satan is standing next to you, sneering whispers in your ear:

  • You are too sensitive.  
  • You are too loud.  
  • You are not pretty enough.  
  • You are too fat.  
  • You’re too skinny.  
  • You are too introverted.
  • You are too extraverted.  
  • You’re too poor.  
  • You’re too needy.  
  • You’re too selfish.  
  • Why can’t you be more like her?  She’s perfect.  
  • Look at her size 2 jeans and flat tummy. Why aren’t you be thinner?  
  • Look at her perfect hair.  Your hair so limp and plain.  
  • Look at her perfect skin and makeup.  Why don’t you have flawless skin too?
  • They’re on vacation again.  You can’t afford to go on vacation as much as them.
  • You’re not worth it for them to be your friend.
  • You’re unlovable.  That’s why you don’t more friends.
  • There’s something wrong with you.  That’s why can’t you be happier.
  • You’re a hot mess.  God can’t use a hot mess.

It may not even be Instagram or Facebook that does it to you.  It could even be that woman at Target that looks like she just stepped out of the salon.  It could be that mirror in the changing room at Old Navy.  It could come after a phone call with your parents.  These negative thoughts can make you feel awful about yourself, or even worse.

Recently, I got asked to review the book Always Enough, Never Too Much by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan.  After reading more about the book, I knew that it was perfect for me to share with all of you!  I accepted the offer and waited excitedly for the day when it could come in the mail so I could tell you about it!

The bestselling authors of Wild and Free  have created a very special book that is unlike any other devotional you have ever read or owned.  It’s a flip book!  Have you ever seen anything like it?  This is one book with two messages.  One side is for when you think like you’re not enough for anybody, and the other side is for when you think like you are too much for everybody.  How awesome is that?

I love how there is a Content page, so you can quickly find a devotion that will help you for whatever you are struggling with at the time.  Are you feeling like you’re not enough?  Use the Always Enough side.  Are you feeling like you are too much for everyone?  Use the Never too Much Side.

Each of the 100 devotions are small enough that you can quickly read it when you have a free moment in your busy day.  You can even pop the book in your purse and read when you need it the most!    There’s even a Bible verse on top that coincides with the subject, so you can memorize it and hide it in your heart for when Satan tries to bring you down.

As for social media, it is good to remember that most of social media is fake.  It’s the gosh darn harsh honest truth.  That person who has perfect makeup, hair, and clothes?  You don’t know how empty they feel inside.  That person that’s always on vacation?  You don’t know if they’re in massive debt or not.  As far as the rest?  God made you who you are.  You either work at changing yourself into being a better person for God, or you need to accept who you are and be overjoyed with it!  When you drive away the lies and insecurities you feel and you find your identity in Jesus, you can embrace these truths:  You are always enough.  You are never too much.

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Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicle

As mentioned before, Lemon LOVES to cook!  One day, I was looking for recipes for something on my app (Paprika Recipe Manager 3—no I am not being paid to say that!  I love this app!  I have it for both my phone and my Mac.), and she saw my section for popsicles.  She want to make one “really really really really bad!”  Since she loves pink (though her favorite color is purple) and we have tons of strawberries in our garden (yay!), I decided that a strawberry cheesecake popsicle recipe was to fit the bill.  I searched for a good recipe to use in my Zoku Quick Pop Maker, but couldn’t find one that was right.  So…I decided to make my own!

This recipe is super easy to make!  Seriously!  All you need is strawberries, milk, honey, vanilla extract, and cream cheese.

See?  It’s even fairly healthy!  At least, it’s much healthier than regular cheesecake.  Great for filling that cheesecake craving without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle.

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How To Use and Wash Cloth Diapers

When Lemon was a baby, we decided to buy and use cloth diapers to save money.  The other benefits of cloth were nice, but secondary to us.  We knew that disposables were going to cost us almost $3,000 until she was potty trained!  Yikes!  We just didn’t have 3 grand to throw away.  New cloth diapers run about $450 total, which is a huge savings!  Unfortunately, you need to pay that cost up front, unlike with disposables.  To save even more, I bout 24 used Velcro-closed cloth diapers on eBay for $150.  What a deal! Read More

{Recipe} Zucchini Jalapeno Cookies with Lime Glaze

I know what you are thinking.  I do as I had the same thoughts you did when I first heard of this recipe.  How in the world do those ingredients go together?  But, trust me, they do!

I made these for a party once.  I didn’t tell anyone what was in these cookies and they all went!  When I told them what was in these, they were shocked! Read More

{Recipe} Zucchini Pizzas

Have you gone carb free?  (Shame on you!)  Do you miss pizza?  This zucchini recipe will satisfy those pizza cravings, and it is healthy to boot!  This recipe came to me at a great time as I usually have an overabundance of zucchini from my garden.  We gobbled these slices right up after I made them.  My husband was full of raves!

I am still trying to get my preschooler to eat green things.  I know she would love these if she would just give them a try! Read More

Ellie Lynne Photography Photos, Part 2 {Lifestyle}

Here is part 2 of my favorite photos!  These are everything that isn’t human. Which photo do you like best? Read More

{Recipe} Summer Corn Chowder

I grew up in Rhode Island, which meant we went to the beach often.  Nothing brings up memories of summer in Rhode Island than chowdah!  I hate clams, so this recipe is enough to satisfy the craving for chowder without making me gag.

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7 Top Kitchen Tools {Lifestyle}

I am not a chef.  I am not even a foodie in the sense that I use weird ingredients and kitchen tools.  I am a simple girl, cooking simple dishes, using simple tools.  I cook for my family daily and, over time, I have developed fondness for certain kitchen tools.  I know that every person that cooks in the kitchen will have their own personal top favorite things they use in the kitchen, but these are the ones that I use the most.  I was going to give you my top 5, but have two extra items that I had to share with you! Read More

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