10 Facts about Myself

  1. I used to swing dance. I was heavily in the lindy hop scene in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. for about two years before I got married.  I loved I got to dress up in 40s style vintage for a while, and do my hair up in fancy ways!  I went to a few lindy hop exchanges, and even got to swing dance on a Navy ship.  (Which I wouldn’t recommend due to the sticky deck…)  When I met my soon-to-be husband, I tried to get him into it, but he has no rhythm.  I did get him to try blues dancing once, though!  Once I moved to PA, there was no good swing dancing here, so I had to put it on hold.  The last time I lindy hopped was at my wedding with my old dance partner.  I loved it and miss it much.
  2. I’ve been artsy fartsy since I was little. I originally didn’t want to go to college for art as I wanted to keep it a hobby.  I remember people asking me when I was in high school if I was going to go to school for art, but I always answered with a resounding no.  My mom even tried really hard to get me to go to RISD.  I ended up going to a Christian college for graphic design for two years before I was forced to leave the program as they told me I wasn’t good enough.  (They had one view on what art was supposed to be like and mine didn’t fit their mold. )  It was terrible at the time, but it turned out to be a God thing as I want to keep it as a hobby like I originally wanted to.  I don’t focus on one type of art, though I love photography the most.  You will see a bit of my art on here.
  3. As I mentioned above, I started college for graphic design. I left with an office admin degree, and ended up being a teacher for 12 years.  I have taught 4th grade, high school (art), college (typing), and preschool (mostly preschool).  It was a crazy journey and I eventually burnt out from working so much.  60 hours a week just to make ends meet.  I ultimately quit getting married move, and becoming a housewife.  (Though I did teach preschool for a year and a half after I got married and before I had my daughter.)
  4. I am naturally messy. I’ll admit it.  You will probably see that in some photos.  Sorry!  I am just going to be real!  However, when I got married, I got neater in time.  That’s one of the blessings of living in a small home—yes, it’s quicker to get messy, but it’s easier to clean!
  5. Lemon was a high needs baby. I had to hold her 90% of the day and didn’t like dada holding her much. (She’s becoming more independent now!)  This was a struggle for me since I don’t really like people touching me.  It eventually becomes physically and mentally painful for me.  She has become daddy’s girl now and, when she wants to be held, she usually wants daddy holding her.  It’s a good thing you can’t hold a baby too much!
  6. I hate mushrooms. And clams.  The texture of both makes me gag.  Even the thought of them make me gag.
  7. I’ve been on a movie and a national TV show. I actually stood next to Phylicia Rashad while we both were getting food from Crafty.  My husband and I got to talk to Josh Holloway while we were waiting for our scene to start.  I’ve worked near to Liam Helmsworth.  I’ve had to “quit” working in the industry now that I have Lemon.  (Don’t ask what movie it was because it is that awful.  I didn’t even finish watching it at home.  The show was good, but was cancelled after the first season because it wasn’t a reality show.)  My husband has been in 99 productions himself.  He’s met so many stars, but has said that Josh Holloway was the most down-to-earth one he’s met.  The main productions he’s been most visible in was in Burn after Reading and John Adams.  We both have an IMDB page, though I can’t get credit for the movie…and my husband can’t get credit for BAR.  Go figure.
  8. I hate sweating. And being sticky.  And being cold.  Basically, I love spring and fall because it is the perfect temperature and isn’t too humid!  (Though I need some humidity for my sinuses…) Mid 70s with a humidity level of around 40% is perfect!  Know of any place that allows this all the time?  
  9. The smell of coffee actually makes me hungry. Is this normal?  It took me until around my mid-30s to start drinking coffee.  I just didn’t like coffee until then.  However, do to my anxiety; I really can’t drink regular coffee.  I have to drink decalf, sometimes with a shot of caffeine.  I don’t care for hot coffee either; but I can chug down iced/cold brew.  Hazelnut is my favorite!  I don’t like Dunkin’ coffee (too chemically), or Starbucks (too many calories and too acidy/oily), but Wawa coffee is the bomb!  It’s even good cold.
  10. I’ve loved horses since I was two. Like I was and still am obsessed all this time.  I wish I could afford to take up lessons again!  I had a natural gift.  I miss riding so bad!  I got to work at a camp in Wisconsin my senior year of college and I got to ride all the time.  I even got to ride in a 4th of July parade!  Six hours on a horse is enough to make the behind hurt.   Ha!
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