Month: May 2018

7 Top Kitchen Tools {Lifestyle}

I am not a chef.  I am not even a foodie in the sense that I use weird ingredients and kitchen tools.  I am a simple girl, cooking simple dishes, using simple tools.  I cook for my family… Read More

Ellie Lynne Photography, Part 1 {Lifestyle}

I have been a hobby photographer since college, maybe even before.  I am always looking at new ways to photograph!  Ever since having Lemon, I haven’t photographed much besides her, but she’s my favorite subject!  Which is your… Read More

Rapunzel Braid

Lemon is OBSESSED with Disney’s Rapunzel.  Obsessed. In fact, she calls herself Rapunzel!  (“Yup!  That’s my name!  That’s my real name!”). When I was randomly discussing what she wanted to be for Halloween with her yesterday after I… Read More

{Recipe) Basil Pesto

Last year, I had two basil plants.  By the end of the season, they were 4 feet high!  That’s a lot of basil!  Together with my husband, we plucked off all the leaves, and I made pesto.  I… Read More

5 Ways Anxiety Can Cause Physical Signs {Lifestyle}

I don’t talk about my anxiety with others much because I am tired of hearing from Christians that I need to pray more, that need to have more faith so that God could take it away.  I was… Read More

Growing Tomatoes {How To}

Tomatoes are a staple in my garden!  I have grown them every year I have had my garden.  A couple of years after I started my garden, I have gotten my tomato seedlings from a local nursery and… Read More

{DIY} Natural Sports Drink

Did you know that some sports drinks have Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) in it?  BVO is patented as a flame retardant!  My husband works in the hot summer sun and humidity and needs to replenish his fluids and… Read More

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