Month: July 2018

{Recipe} Tomato Gravy

If you grow your own garden, you, most likely, have tomatoes, and plenty of them.  The only tomatoes I grow are cherry tomatoes.  I have learned these are the best to grow in our area (thanks to the… Read More

Paul, the Apostle of Christ

What kind of learner are you?  Are you visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic?  Of course, we all are a combination of things.  Recently, I realized that I am a visual learner, through and through.  I have always loved… Read More

Always Enough, Never Too Much

One of the main things I struggle with as a Christian is being insecure with myself.  It’s not all the time, mind you, but it does happen.  I know that we are not supposed to feel insecurity when… Read More

Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicle

As mentioned before, Lemon LOVES to cook!  One day, I was looking for recipes for something on my app (Paprika Recipe Manager 3—no I am not being paid to say that!  I love this app!  I have it… Read More

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