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I don’t talk about my anxiety with others much because I am tired of hearing from Christians that I need to pray more, that need to have more faith so that God could take it away.  I was recently talking to someone who said the same thing about her bout of depression.  She didn’t tell anyone because she just didn’t want to hear this!  She, in fact, did pray about it a lot, and did not go away.  It doesn’t make her or me a bad Christian; it just means that God has other plans.

I have dealt with panic attacks and anxiety for as long as I can literally remember.  I remember getting ready for the first day of school as an early elementary student and having to throw up because I was so nervous.  By the end of the day, my anxiety is gone.  I remember as a college student throwing up in the airport on my way to college, and throwing up before certain classes because my panic attacks were so strong.  I thought it was normal to get so stressed before a test or before a big event, and having to throw up in the morning.  I thought that was just what you do.  Then, I realized later in life that’s not normal.

Anxiety is Mental and Physical

Even though my anxiety is mental (depressing thoughts, thoughts of feeling like I am not good enough, thoughts of the worst thing possible that could happen to “prepare” myself, etc.), my anxiety is also very physical.

Sweetly Broken Wilderness anxiety

  1. Butterflies on Steroids

Know that feeling you get before you are about to go in front of thousands of people? That nervous feeling?  Those butterflies?  That’s what I get all the time.  Sometimes it is for no reason, other times; I can pinpoint what set it off.

  1. Gassy Girl

Due to the fact that I get those butterflies in my stomach, my abdomen and my intestine are on overdrive. It causes me to create more gas, which makes for interesting times.

  1. Be Still, my Beating Heart

This is a “normal” occurrence for me. It’s usual for me to have a rapid heartrate just like I ran a mile.  Too bad I couldn’t lose the calories like I just ran a mile during this time.

  1. ‘Cause You’re Hot, Then You’re Cold

I also can get hot and cold flashes, where my upper body feels hot and my feet are cold with sweat. It’s a great feeling when half your body is super-hot and the other half is super cold.  It’s great.

  1. Gag Me With a Spoon

This is one that I have learned how to control most of the time. Earlier in my life, I would do this just about every time I had a panic attack.  I even had a college friend confide in my best friend that she thought I was bulimic.  Uh, no.  I don’t like to throw up!  (It didn’t help that I was super thin in college.)  It’s still not fun to get that gagging feeling that things are about to make a debut again.

It’s Not Your Fault

Turns out, I have a chemical imbalance that causes my issues, so many of the steps people do to reduce their anxiety doesn’t work on me.  I have prayed for many years for God to take it away, have done breathing exercises, have done supplements.  Nothing works.  What does work is taking a low dose of Xanax as needed.  I know many people shun medication, especially Christians, but it truly helps me.

Mental illness is a silent thing in my family.  As I said, it wasn’t until my mid 30s did I know that my dad suffers from anxiety too, and that my late grandfather did as well.  It just wasn’t mentioned in my family, even though my mom brought me to many mental hospital appointments to “fix” me.  It would have helped me so much as a child and as a teen to know that someone else could relate to what I was going through and that it all wasn’t “in my head”, as I was told on many occasions.  I wish I wasn’t forced to suffer in silence.  No one should suffer in silence.

We need to end the stigma with mental illness.  It’s okay to not be “perfect” all the time.  It doesn’t mean you are broken or less than, it just means that God made you special.

Sweetly Broken Wilderness anxiety

Harry Potter’s reaction to facing a dragon is me 24/7.

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