7 Items to Buy at a Thrift Store {Lifestyle}

My husband has had a love for thrift stores for as long as he can remember.  He has always liked finding what was someone’s trash and made into treasure again.  (He also loves to save money—he’s very thrifty!)  I don’t remember going into a thrift store until I was in my senior year of college.  With limited funds, I couldn’t believe how far my money went there!  Now, when I need to find ways to be frugal, going to a thrift store is first on my list!  Over the years, I have learned some secrets to used stores.

When you go into a second hand store, big or small, you will see a wide variety of items.  It can be quite overwhelming!  To me, it kind of reminds me of a department store.  I don’t like department stores as I find them overwhelming and with no order—it’s overpowering to my system.  But, if you go with a plan, it’s not too bad and you can find quite the deals!  There are items you should not (ahem, underwear…?), but many items that you should, especially when you are trying to be thrifty.

The following list is not inconclusive, of course, as there are other things that you can definitely get at a second hand store.

  1. Books

Books lose their value by around 90% once you buy them. A great way to fill up your home library and save a ton of money is to scour your local thrift store.  There you can find everything from classics and bestsellers that others want to get rid of as soon as they finish reading.Sweetly Broken Wilderness

  1. Toys

If your child isn’t picky, you can find many good toys at your local second hand store! For instance, instead of buying toddler and preschool puzzles at $15 apiece, you can get them at your local thrift store for $1-2 each!  If your store allows, it’s smart to make sure all the pieces are there first.Sweetly Broken Wilderness

  1. Halloween Costumes

Thrift stores are a great place to get Halloween costumes for both your children and you! From silly 80s clothes to tutus and old Halloween costumes, the ideas are endless.  You can definitely make your own costume with what you find, which will ensure that the costumes will be one-of-a-kind.Sweetly Broken Wilderness

  1. Baby and Child Clothes

This is one thing that I refuse to buy new. Have you ever seen the prices of kid clothes?  I can find clothes for me cheaper.  Plus, babies outgrow clothes practically overnight.  I know it’s hard to resist those adorable outfits when you walk past them at Target, but you can save so much money by looking at local thrift stores and school/church sales.  (I personally get all of Lemon’s clothes for $1 each!)  Make sure you study the clothes to ensure they are stain free and have all their buttons.Sweetly Broken Wilderness

  1. Kitchen Tools and Appliances

You can find all sorts of kitchen items at your local store. From specialty machines (like bread makers, stand mixers, pasta makers) that others have not used and want to get rid of, to items you can use every day.  A couple of months ago, I realized I didn’t have cake pans (as I like making cupcakes more than cakes) for my daughter’s birthday.  I really didn’t want to pay $20 for cake pans that I will only use once or twice.  I went to my local used store and got them for $1.50 each!  They worked great!  I also like how a lot of items there are not coated with Teflon, so I can ensure that I am not using harmful chemicals to cook.Sweetly Broken Wilderness

  1. Furniture

Even though Ikea is a great place to get furniture on a budget, you should check out your local second hand stores! You can get solid wood furnishings for a great deal if you have patience and time.  You may not find your dream piece, but with a little paint, finish, and brand new knobs, your piece will look shabby-chic.  This is especially great as this is quite trendy now!Sweetly Broken Wilderness

  1. Tools

Everyone who has been in a DIY store recently knows how expensive tools are. But, if you check your local thrift store, you, most likely, will find the tool you need for a fraction of the cost!  A lot of the tools there are hardly used and you could even score tools from companies like Craftsman, which have lifetime warranties that guarantee replacements for tools with normal wear-and-tear.Sweetly Broken Wilderness

As you can see, it’s smart to go to second hand stores when you need certain items.  You will save money in the long run, and use that money to buy more expensive items that you have had your eye on!

Sweetly Broken Wilderness


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