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I am not a chef.  I am not even a foodie in the sense that I use weird ingredients and kitchen tools.  I am a simple girl, cooking simple dishes, using simple tools.  I cook for my family daily and, over time, I have developed fondness for certain kitchen tools.  I know that every person that cooks in the kitchen will have their own personal top favorite things they use in the kitchen, but these are the ones that I use the most.  I was going to give you my top 5, but have two extra items that I had to share with you!

  1. Chef’s Knife

This is one that I use All. The. Time.  I know that some people use different knives for different functions, but I am not a professional.  I am a simple girl.  I use my chef’s knife for cutting vegetables, fruits, herbs, and so on.  I use it pretty much every time I cook something in the kitchen.

  1. Kitchen Scissors

I LOVE my kitchen scissors!  I use it to cut meat, like chicken, or to cut herbs like chives.  It makes cutting chicken into bite sized pieces SO much easier!  It’s even the best to use to cut food for your children into bite sized pieces.  Every once in a while, I will go back to trying to cut my chicken with a knife, and I always go back to the kitchen scissors.

  1. Stand mixer

I use this all the time when I am baking.  I also use it for making my pizza sauce and pretzel mixes.  I don’t even use a hand held mixer.  I even make butter with my stand mixer!  There are also many attachments that you could get for the stand mixer, so it can do much more than just mixing.  We got one for our wedding, and it is seriously the best gift we got from the wedding.  I just wish I would have gotten a light blue or mint one since I love that color instead of red.  But, I still love it!

  1. Stainless steel pot

I have a couple of stainless steel pots that I use.  I used to have Teflon pots, but there is so much controversy with that and not being good for your health.  Now, I use my stainless steel pots and I have not even looked back since!  Plus, you can be a little rougher with stainless steel pots than you would anything that is nonstick.  I don’t have to worry every time I stir or scrape.  I can cook with zeal and have confidence I cannot ruin my pots!

  1. Cast iron

The same goes with my pans as with what I mentioned above.  You pretty much cannot do anything majorly wrong to cast iron.  I love how I can be rough and not have to worry that, even if I was as careful as I could be, that I was accidently scratching it and causing us to ingest harmful chemicals.  I like cooking a bit rougher sometimes!  Using and caring for cast iron isn’t as intimidating and hard, as mentioned on January 23 (How to Season and Care for Cast Iron).

  1. Wooden spoon

Everyone should have a wooden spoon in the house!  If you do not, stop reading this, get in your car, and run to your nearest Target and buy yourself one!  They can be used to stir any dish or any mixture!  I pretty much use my wooden spoons (yes, plural.) every day.  I have one had one of them for as long as I can remember!  They’re pretty indestructible!  (Unless you leaven them near an open flame and it catches on fire for a moment.  Yes, this happened to me!  Luckily, it was the end that caught on fire and I still use the spoon.)

  1. Wooden cutting board

I prefer a wooden cutting board over a plastic cutting board any day!  When I first started cooking, I used to use a plastic cutting board, but I quickly realized that they scratch easily with knife usage, and hold smells easier.  If you are going to get a wooden cutting board, make sure you get a good quality one, not a cheap bamboo one.  Also, you have to oil your wooden cutting board with a food-safe oil when you notice it getting dry.  If you don’t oil it regularly, it will dry out and could crack!  Keeping it moist at supple allows it to sustain the cuts from your knives, and stay working well for you for years to come.  Any food-safe oil will work, such as olive oil, coconut oil, corn oil, sesame oil.  I personally use castor oil.

Of course, there are other tools I use (like a food processor, whisk, and slow cooker) all the time, but these are my top 7.  And, boy, was it hard to narrow it down to just 7!  Can you imagine 5? Anyone who can narrow it down to 5 just isn’t cookers all the time.  Haha!

What are your favorite kitchen tools?  I am curious to know what tools are your favorites to use in the kitchen!

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