A Very Happy Easter Prayer {Review}

As all parents know, having a routine at bedtime is crucial to ensure a “smooth” sleep schedule.  (I know, smooth never really happens with children!) For us, we brush Lemon’s teeth, have her go potty, put on the PJs, and then read her three books.  One of those books is always her children’s Bible first. God always comes first for us!  We want her to know the love and grace that God has for her from a young age.  For her other books, she can pick whichever books she wants (from a pre-selected selection I have picked—because I am not reading a 1,000 page book for bedtime!).  Usually, it is a Disney book we have picked from the library, as she loves her Disney princesses right now.  However, I always love when she picks one of her books about God!  Recently, Lemon and I got to review a book named A Very Happy Easter Prayer.

Written by Bonnie Jensen, this book is very cute and sweet.  Written in a poem style, it is very easy for even children of a younger age can follow.  Each page thanks God for a one of the things that spring brings.  There are even hints on certain pages that point to what Jesus did for us on Easter morning.  Great for having a deeper conversation with your child if they are interested in it!

Thank You, God, for gentle breezes

Dancing through my hair.

I praise You for the gift of life

You put in the springtime air.

As you can see, even though this is called an Easter prayer book, I find it more like a spring time prayer/thankful book.  The only true mention of Easter is at the end.  This doesn’t take away from the specialness and sweetness of the book though!  I love how it teaches children to be thankful and thank God for all the wonderful things that happen in the springtime.

The illustrations by Natalia Moore are very cute as well.  They are done a few mediums that make the illustrations seem soft and airy, like springtime feels!  My daughter loved all the details each page boasts.

If you are looking for a great book to read to your child during Easter time, this is the perfect book for you to get!  This would be a great addition to an Easter basket.  After all, Easter is about the resurrection and love of Jesus!


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