About Me

Hello! I am Ellie, an INFJ who lives in the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA with my husband, Jay, and my daughter, Lemon. I have lived in many states, including Rhode Island, Florida, Wisconsin, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. My husband and I both have family in North Carolina, even though we both have never lived there. We have two cats, a gray tabby named Jasper, and an orange tabby kitten named Mako.

I met my Lord and Savior at the age of 14, but didn’t really grow in faith until around 18. He is my everything! At college, I started off in Graphic Design, and then switched to Office Administration. (I know, I know, an introvert with anxiety working in an office??) After college, I started off as a secretary in two Christian offices before becoming a teacher. I was a teacher for 13 years, teaching art to high school students, typing to college students, 4th grade for a year, then preschool for 7 years. I love those little 4-year-olds! I quit being a preschool teacher shortly after meeting my husband when I became pregnant. Now, I am a stay-at-home mom of a lovely young lady whom I am going to homeschool.

I love to craft. I don’t have a first passion as it’s always changing! Just as long as I have a creative outlet! Know how some women nest when they’re about to have a baby? I didn’t nest, instead I crafted like crazy. I usually take photos (as a semi-professional hobby photographer). Once in a while, sometime pays me to take their photos, which stresses me out completely. What is it isn’t what they wanted?? I also, lately, have been doing Bible journaling. I am planning on giving this Bible to my daughter when she goes off to college. You probably will see some of my favorite pages on here sometime.

Feel free to comment and look around! I hope that I can inspire and help some people here. If I have, please let me know that my efforts are not in vain!

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