You Can Stay Home with Your Kids! {Review}

Remember my friend, Erin Odom, whose book, More Than Just Making It I reviewed as my first post here?  Well, she recently wrote a new gift book called You Can Stay Home with Your Kids!  It is a great compliment to her first book, and it is so full of great ideas!  Have you ever wanted to stay home with your children, but you can’t see how you can?  Perhaps you already are staying home with your children, but you are struggling financially.  This book will give you so many good ideas on how you can save money and even how you could make some money from home. Those who struggle with money often have one of two problems—an income problem or a spending problem.

Do you feel like you’re missing out on your children’s lives?  Do you regret not being there for your children?  I knew from the time that I found out that I was pregnant with Lemon that I wanted to stay home with her.  We have been very thrifty because of that, so a lot of what she mentioned we already do.  However, she did have some good ideas that I could implement!  I will not tell you what they are so you can learn them on your own when you buy the book, but here are some ideas of what we do in our household.

One of the ways we save money is we do a three gifts tradition at Christmas.  We do this for a few reasons.  One being, yes, it saves money for our household.  Another reason being that it saves on clutter in our small house!  I watch her carefully to see what she is passionate about and get her things she loves.  Finally, Jesus got three gifts from the Wise Men, so by giving her three gifts, it helps remind her of what Jesus did for us at Christmas time. She never complains on having only three gifts from us as we have done this since her first birthday.

Speaking of Lemon, we always accept hand me downs and check consignment sales for her clothes.  Children grow so fast, why by new?  Most children clothes still look like new when they outgrow them.  We shop consignment sales as well.  I usually don’t pay more than $1 per item!  Let me tell you, Lemon has way more clothes than Jay and I put together, costing us less than $20!  Don’t ever feel less than by accepting hand me downs—it’s nothing to be ashamed of!  Jay and I have also been known to accept hand me downs (or is it hand me overs?)—and we don’t feel bad about it.

When we go to the children’s hospital for Lemon’s rare disease, we have free access to cable and Netflix.  We are always so overwhelmed by all the choices….or lack thereof.  We always end up watching major networks and their shows!  There never seems to be anything good or moral on cable channels.  At home, we get free TV!  We don’t pay for cable or even any online streaming subscription.  We have a digital antenna that allows us to get local channels on our TV for free.  We get 40 channels!  Not bad for free.

Another way we save money is we cook from scratch when I can.  We barely eat out!  I think the last time we were in a restaurant was on our anniversary.  It’s not hard as I usually make us enough to have left overs the next day. I find a lot of recipes on Pinterest and cookbooks I get from the library.  I and not a fabulous cook, but I simply follow the directions and the food comes out well!  If you take time to follow the directions, your meals will come out well as well.  I’m even teaching Lemon cooking skills, so, in the future, she will know how to cook and make us dinner every once in a while.

When we go to the grocery store for food, we only buy from the ingredients from the grocery store that I need for my recipes and no more.  That seems to save a ton, and we don’t waste any food when it goes bad.

When we go to Cape May, I make two weeks’ worth of food for us and our extended family to eat while we are there.  This saves everyone a ton of money as we aren’t buying nightly meals at overpriced restaurants and places there.  I freeze the meals in bags, and they stay frozen on the 3 hour trip to the shore house.  I simply thaw them overnight and use a slow cooker to cook them.  Easy as pie!

These are some examples of what we do in my house to save money.  But, the most important thing to know before you get Erin’s book to learn on how you can save money?  Stop comparing yourself to others.  You don’t need designer labels.  You don’t need a huge house.  You don’t need to go on luxury vacations every year.  Stop comparing yourself to your friends, neighbors, and people you know online.  Live within your means.  Live with what you have and how God has provided for you.  Don’t burden your emotional and mental capacity with the stress that comes with trying to compare and live up to others.

Erin’s book has way, way, way more ideas then this!  The way she writes is so creative and colorful; there is no judging for how you live your life, but she speaks with understanding and grace.  If you have a desire to spend more time with your children and stay home with them, this is the perfect book for you, or for that mom in your life that desires to do that.  This book makes the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift!

God made you your children’s mother because He knows you are perfect mom for them.  The hard work you do for your children will pay off in the end.  It will all be worth it!

You Can Stay Home with Your Kids comes out April 10!  If you preorder, you get so many wonderful gifts!  You can preorder the book now right here:  Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page to claim your preorder gifts.  Erin went all out!  When you preorder the book, you’ll get:

  • Woven Heart eBook
  • Motherhood Art Print
  • 20Week Aldi Meal Plan
  • 1 All-Natural Essential Oil Bath Bomb
  • Shipped-to-Your-Door Chocolate Fudge

Preorder You Can Stay Home with Your Kids now for yourself or a mom in your life!

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