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Grow Onions {How To}

This past year, I tried to grow onions.  I started with seeds and grew it exactly according to the instructions I read in several places, placing them in front of our large living room window (on a table)… Read More

Plan Your Garden {How To}

I know that it is February and it’s so cold out, but now it’s time to plan your garden for spring and summer!  Who doesn’t want to dream of warmer weather, am I right? To plan your garden,… Read More

HUGE List of Essential Oil Recipes

I posted a blog earlier this week where I talked in detail about the safety of essential oils.  Now, on to fun stuff—making recipes!  Throughout the years, I have accumulated a quite a few recipes and I have… Read More

{How To} Season and Care of Cast Iron

Non-stick cookware have been popular lately because they don’t stick and easy to clean.  However, it also emits toxic fumes when overheated.  Toxic fumes from Teflon released from pots and pans at high temperatures may kill pet birds… Read More

Homemade Sauerkraut {How To}

We all know that gut health is the best way to keep ourselves healthy.  It is core to boosting immunity and increase nutrients absorption.  We could take a magical drink or swallow a pill that will help with… Read More

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