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{Recipe} Tomato Gravy

If you grow your own garden, you, most likely, have tomatoes, and plenty of them.  The only tomatoes I grow are cherry tomatoes.  I have learned these are the best to grow in our area (thanks to the… Read More

Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicle

As mentioned before, Lemon LOVES to cook!  One day, I was looking for recipes for something on my app (Paprika Recipe Manager 3—no I am not being paid to say that!  I love this app!  I have it… Read More

{Recipe} Zucchini Jalapeno Cookies with Lime Glaze

I know what you are thinking.  I do as I had the same thoughts you did when I first heard of this recipe.  How in the world do those ingredients go together?  But, trust me, they do! I… Read More

{Recipe} Zucchini Pizzas

Have you gone carb free?  (Shame on you!)  Do you miss pizza?  This zucchini recipe will satisfy those pizza cravings, and it is healthy to boot!  This recipe came to me at a great time as I usually… Read More

{Recipe} Summer Corn Chowder

I grew up in Rhode Island, which meant we went to the beach often.  Nothing brings up memories of summer in Rhode Island than chowdah!  I hate clams, so this recipe is enough to satisfy the craving for… Read More

{Recipe) Basil Pesto

Last year, I had two basil plants.  By the end of the season, they were 4 feet high!  That’s a lot of basil!  Together with my husband, we plucked off all the leaves, and I made pesto.  I… Read More

{Recipe} Roasted Pepper Pasta

This dish of roasted pepper pasta AMAZING!  This is seriously my favorite dish I make. It is pasta, healthy, but best of all, it’s full of wonderful flavors! Ok, so maybe it isn’t that healthy.  But, peppers are… Read More

Sweet Potato Fries {Recipe}

Do you love fries as much as I do?  It’s one of my kryptonites.  But, unfortunately, fries are not good for you because they’re usually fried in saturated fats.  Too much of that is not good for your… Read More

Gnocchi {Recipe}

I have a confession to make. I didn’t realize this until recently, but there are two kinds of gnocchi.  There is the cheese kind and the potato kind.  (I know, I guess I should have known this.  I… Read More

Pizza Sauce {Recipe}

Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), Soybean Oil, Salt, Spices, Natural Flavor.  These are the ingredients in a store-bought pizza sauce.  Looks not too bad, right? But, let’s break it down.  That salt?  It’s 250mg of sodium!  Yikes!  This… Read More

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