Christmas Countdown {How To}

When you have little ones, the wait until Christmas is an unbearable one.  They don’t quite get time yet and even an hour seems like a year.  To make the time go by quicker (or at least without a million “Is it Christmas yet?” questions), I have made an easy Christmas countdown. As a result, it makes the long wait to Christmas a bit easier.  It’s quite simple to make as well! I add slips of paper on the inside to some of the loops to add a fun activity to some days to make the time go by.  If your children are in school, you could do these activities on the weekends!

Sweetly Broken Wilderness Christmas Countdown

To make your own countdown, get felt (I can get four strips per piece), cut them into equal strips, add Velcro, and make into loops!  That’s it!  It is super easy to make, and a fun item to add to the Christmas decorations.  Each day, we remove one and count how many days left for Christmas.  It’s an added bonus if we find a paper with something Christmassy to do!

Sweetly Broken Wilderness Christmas Countdown

Here is a list of ideas you can add to your Christmas countdown:

  • Paper snowflakes
  • Bake cookies and take to a neighbor or friendSweetly Broken Wilderness Christmas Countdown
  • Hot cocoa & marshmallows night (snowman soup)Sweetly Broken Wilderness Christmas Countdown
  • Read a Christmas book by the fire
  • Family game night
  • Pancakes for dinner! Add whipped cream and sprinkles
  • Make snowflake tortillas
  • Drive and look at Christmas lights
  • Wrap Christmas presents
  • Take family photo in front of the tree
  • Picnic next to the Christmas tree
  • Make cupcakes and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus
  • Red & Green dinner (serve food that’s red or green)
  • Make an ornament
  • Christmas craft day
  • PJs all day
  • Date night with daddy
  • Make edible gifts for the birds
  • Make red & green play dough
  • Sleep in the same room
  • Kid’s Choice day/night
  • Give money to Salvation Army bucket
  • Gather toys to donate
  • Make Christmas gifts for teachers
  • Toys for Tots or Operation Christmas Child
  • Write a letter to the cousins
  • String popcorn for tree
  • Visit “live” nativity scene
  • Read the Christmas story from the BibleSweetly Broken Wilderness Christmas Countdown
  • Act out Christmas story with peg people
  • Write a thank you letter to Jesus
  • Hang mistletoe and give out kisses
  • Attend a Christmas concert
  • Write Christmas cards
  • Make a silly video to email to friends (or post on Facebook) Christmas day
  • Make play dough snowmen
  • Dance party to Christmas music
  • Bubble bath by Christmas lights only
  • Watch a Christmas movie
  • Go sledding
  • Build a snowman
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Listen and sing along to Christmas songs on the radio
  • Go out for dinner
  • Make a pizza snowman
  • Track Santa on NORAD
  • Make oven s’mores
  • Decorate the Christmas tree

Sweetly Broken Wilderness Christmas Countdown

(We personally don’t tell Lemon about Santa or do any Santa things as we rather her know about Jesus than Santa.)  This Christmas countdown  It’s lots of fun and makes the waiting for Christmas a bit easier.


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