God Bless You and Goodnight {Review}

We have another book for our book repertoire!  This one is a cute bedtime book based on a nightly routine of eating a snack, taking a bath, getting dressed, reading a bedtime book, climbing into bed, saying prayers, getting a bedtime hug, singing a song, and counting sheep before going to sleep.  As I mentioned to you before, we brush Lemon’s teeth, have her go potty, put on the PJs, and then read her three books.  Lately, we have been on a Frozen, Pinkalicious, and Elephant and Piggie kick.   I don’t mind as they are all delightful books, but I especially love Elephant and Piggie.  I love all books by Mo Willems!  If it was up to Lemon, we’d read all these books every day.  Children love reputation, don’t they?  However, I always love when she picks one of her books about God.  Recently, Lemon and I got an opportunity  to review a book named God Bless You and Goodnight.

Created by Hanna C. Hall, God Bless You and Goodnight is very delightful and sweet.  Written in a poem style, it is very easy for even children of a younger age can follow, though it is a paper book, not a board book.  Each page gives children something they need to do to get ready for bed, including hearing that we want God to bless them and that we wish them goodnight.  The book is so gentle and quiet that it is perfect for children to calm down and get sleepy.  Lemon even laid her head on my shoulder when I was almost done reading it to her, something she doesn’t do when we are reading.  Nothing is more perfect for children to hear is how much their parents love them and want God to bless them.

The night-light’s glowing just enough,

You’re tucked in toasty tight.

It’s time for bed, you fuzzy head.

God bless you and good night.

The illustrations by Steve Whitlow are amazing!  He used colored pencil to get the illustrations look soft and sweet.  My daughter loves all the details each page boasts.  We even had discussions on what each animal were.

If you are looking for a great book to read to your child at bedtime, God Bless You and Good Night is the perfect book for you to get!  This would be a great addition to your bedtime reading routine or a perfect gift for a special child in your life.  After all, there’s nothing better than reading about how much we and God loves them just before they go to sleep!


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