Julie Elias “A Girl Like Me” CD Review & Giveaway!

I will have to admit that I had never heard of Julie Elias before I was given an opportunity to review her latest CD “A Girl Like Me”.  I do listen to KLove when I can, but I never heard of her.  However, when I heard her story, I was immediately intrigued!

Julie Elias CD

As  you probably know, my husband is in the Hollywood business, like Julie was.  (My husband has been an extra in 99 movies and TV shows.)  After college, Julie moved to LA to follow her dreams of working in the business.  She did various roles in theater, short films, and extra work on shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “CSI: NY”, but her heart wasn’t really into it.  She realized that God was calling her into music.  Her singing at her home church during Christmas season brought her to the attention of a few people in the Christian music industry.  She began to work with Dove-award winning producer Robert White Johnson to produce her debut album A Wild Rose and her Christmas album Holy Night.  She self-produced two albums Love Rain Down and Unbroken.  Her song “Home” was #1for multiple weeks on Christian Radio Charts in 2015.  Her transparency and humility connected with her audiences, especially teen girls.

Julie Elias

Even though she is still creating music, her focus is now empowering teen girls.  In 2014, Julie Elias founded Aurora Ministries, a 501c non-profit that creates Christian material and events especially for teens and tween girls.  Through music, booklets, blogging (http://aurora-girls.com), conferences, and girls’ events, Julie has been able to share God’s role in her life—even when she didn’t think He was there—and find common ground to inspire young women all around the world.

Her newest album, A Girl Like Me became available on all digital media outlets on October 27, 2017.  This album is meant to be a companion to her girls’ events with Aurora Ministries and conferences.  Every original song on the album has an intentional purpose and story behind it.  For instance, the song “Forgive Me” is about a conflict with a good friend.  “A Girl Like Me” is about her own feelings of unworthiness.  She even covers one of her favorite Christian songs when she was a teen with a cover of DC Talk’s “In the Light”.  Whether you are a young woman learning her way in life, or a young woman at heart, this album will remind you that, despite our failures and stubbornness, we need to “believe a girl like me could be worthy of a King.”

Julie Elias' CD available on iTunes

Her voice is not overworked and over-processed like a lot of music I have been hearing lately.  It is a breath of fresh air!  You can picture yourself in church listening to someone sing worship.  You can hear the love and admiration she has for God in everything she sings.  The CD itself isn’t showy, which is what I love best.

My favorite song on the CD is, ironically, A Girl Like Me. It’s a very sweet-sounding song, very simple and minimalistic, bringing out Julie Elias’ voice.  The lyrics she wrote will really speak to anyone who fails from time and again:

In the stillness, I sense you near me, Echoes in the blowing wind/A quiet voice within/Longing for something greater/I thought I understood/But don’t believe I could/I make the same mistakes/No matter what I say/Embarrassed by humanity/So afraid, afraid to let You see/But you still hold me/When I fall apart, you see my heart/Every weakness and shame/Yet you still love me/You still believe a girl like me could be worthy of a King/A girl like me/Despite the fanfare, You hear the real me./he deepest hurt unspoken./very cry of raw emotion/You see my beauty through my sadness/A little girl you know by name/design not done in vain/Oh it must make You sad/When I focus on what’s bad/What I don’t have and what I want/When you’re all, you’re all I really need/still believe a girl like me could be worthy of a King/A girl like me.

Back of Julie Elias CD

Interested in hearing more from this inspirational lady?  Please check out her website at www.julieeliasmusic.com.  I am very impressed in what she is doing for God!

Would you like to win one of five of these CDs?  Click on the link below to enter to win!  You will love this CD, especially if you have young girls and teen girls in your house.  Julie Alias is a great example for your girls to follow.  (Contest ends on 12/10/2017.  If you win, you will be notified by email.)

Enter to Win Julie Elias CD

*FrontGate Media provided me a reader’s copy of this CD to review for Julie Elias.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you would like to enter another contest, see my other post, on winning a She Reads Truth Bible!


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