Apple Pie {Recipe}

What’s more American than apple pie?  (Please don’t say pumpkin spice-anything. Please.) Apple pie has been around since the birth of America.  It’s the best dessert ever!  The burst of apple flavor in your mouth as you bite into a slice of pie is enough to make you close your eyes in bliss.

My mom would make this recipe for us every fall time.  I remember always having it for Thanksgiving with my extended family at my grandma’s house in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.  Paired with my grandma’s homemade soup (that no one has been able to fully recreate), turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, this apple pie will always remember of my childhood.  My mom would make the pie crust from scratch, which is mentioned below, but if you wanted to make this using store-bought crust, it’s perfectly fine!  That is how I actually do it as I cannot seem to get homemade crust from scratch just right.  I got tired of trying and fighting the pie Read More

Homemade Sauerkraut {How To}

We all know that gut health is the best way to keep ourselves healthy.  It is core to boosting immunity and increase nutrients absorption.  We could take a magical drink or swallow a pill that will help with our gut health.  But, my way is fermentation.  Fermented foods, like sauerkraut have so much more healthy probiotics than anything on the fermented foods have been even attributed to alieving depression, preventing cancer, and even preventing diseases in children!

The best part?  It’s cheap to ferment!  It doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars a month.  You know exactly what you are eating.

Awesome, right? Read More

Chewy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies {Recipe}

I have a confession to make: I can’t stand pumpkin spice anything.  I know, shocker!  But, I can’t get on board with everything being pumpkin spice flavored—from coffee to laundry detergent.  Pumpkin spice flavored ice cream?  Seriously??  Pumpkin spice applesauce?!  SERIOUSLY??  Get a grip, people.

However, I do love apple flavored things!  That is what reminds me of fall.  The smell of apple cinnamon brings on thoughts of autumn leaves, plaid shirts, jeans, and hot apple cider.  Yes!  I am excited for fall as I love the colors of fall, the coolness in the air, plaid, the smell of fall with the smell of burning fires and the crispness, and fall food.  Just the thought makes me so giddy!  Yet, I don’t like fall as I know that it will bring the dreariness of winter.  I hate having the leaves off the trees—it makes me depressed!  (Although the snowfalls are so pretty!)  All that brown and gray skies are not cool in my book.  I love the green.  Anyone know of any places where there are lush forests that never loses their leaves?  If you know, let me know and we will move there!  Although, I love the leaves changing too.  Hm.  The dilemma of it all! Read More

Bible Journaling {Lifestyle}

When Lemon was born, I wanted to make her a special Bible with Bible journaling art I have drawn in it and special writing in it.  I am an artist/crafter, and I wanted to give her something special and personal. I plan on giving it to her when she graduated from high school.  That way, she has something personal from her parents and something she can read and hide God’s word in her heart.  Slowly, for the past 3 years, I have added some art to the pages.  The following is examples of what I have done. Read More

Heroes Among Us {Inspiration}

It seems like there has been one bad thing after another lately.  I am not sure if it really is getting bad or is it because social media and news is at our fingertips 24/7.  (We are getting information now that we other would not even have heard of even 20 years ago.)  These events aren’t surprising as the Bible talks about it in Matthew 24:6-7.  However, it doesn’t mean it isn’t disheartening or discouraging.

I am not going to go into political things or even how I feel or think about the issues at hand.  That would be pointless as it’s always shoved in your face every chance you turn on the computer, phone, or the TV. Read More

Homemade Mac and Cheese {Recipe}

Though we did baby led weaning with Lemon and she ate everything during that time, even green vegetables (gasp!), once my daughter become a toddler, her food pallet allowed two things:  Carbs and fruit.  If it’s a carb, she will eat it! (Mac and cheese included, of course!)  Of course, she does eat some other things, like cherry tomatoes (only from our garden), baked fried okra, hamburgers, and a little bit more.  Aren’t all toddlers like that?  I have never known a toddler that wasn’t picky.  I hope she grows out of it, though!

Where I live, we have a convenience store called Wawa.  If you don’t have one in your state or country, I pity you!  It’s the best place, I tell you!  Their coffee is better than Dunkin’ and Starbucks (and much cheaper too!), and their hoagies are so good!  Lemon will not eat a hoagie from there (because….toddler.), but she will eat their hoagie rolls and their mac and cheese.  I found this recipe that seems to be very close to that!  Lemon loves it and it saves us money. Read More

Is Teenage Rebellion Normal? {Review}

Even at an early age, most parents hope their teen will not rebel or they just assume that their teen will eventually be in rebellion.

I was never a rebellious teen.  Yes, I was a moody teen that needed to be understood.  I was a teen that had many emotions.  I had clashes with my mom, mainly because we are opposites and she didn’t get me.  But, I never rebelled. Read More

{Recipe} Baked Fried Okra

love this baked fried okra dish! I was a born and raised Northerner, but I actually lived in the South for almost 20 years.  (Even though my family doesn’t believe me as they want to be the first to move to the South and be all things Southern…)  Anyway, not a huge fan of fried foods (well, it’s my belly that doesn’t if you know what I mean…), but I love fried okra!  Whenever I go to Cracker Barrel (which isn’t too often as we don’t go out to eat all but once or twice a year, let alone Cracker Barrel), I would get the same dish, which would have to include their fried okra.  I would save them for last so I could savor each little bite of it. Read More

Worst Nightmare {Lifestyle}

It’s hard when one of your kids gets sick and even worse when they end up in the hospital.  It’s pure torture to see them in pain and there isn’t anything you can do.  You wish it was you instead of them, but it isn’t that way.  All you can do is pray and whisper to them that you got them and it’ll be over soon. Read More

Bacon Jam {Recipe}

Who’s ready for some football?

OK, not me because I hate football.  I don’t like basically any sport that requires a ball. (Can I get an amen?)

But, this recipe is perfect to whip up and make for that football get-together and parties!  Most men love bacon, so this is great to look like an amazing cook and to impress the most sophisticated tongue. Read More