Paul, the Apostle of Christ

What kind of learner are you?  Are you visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic?  Of course, we all are a combination of things.  Recently, I realized that I am a visual learner, through and through.  I have always loved to read and I can learn greatly by doing things, but I learn best when I can see how something is done. 

When I read the Bible, my mind’s imagination takes over and I imagine how the events happened.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to see how God used Moses to separate the Red Sea?  How about seeing Jesus on the mountainside teaching the thousands of people?  Or Paul being brave crossing the oceans to tell as many people about Jesus?  Reading about it is one thing, but seeing it is a whole other thing.  In this day and age, movies can be a great way to learn, if they’re done right.  I think seeing the events in the Bible helps make the events have a bigger impact in your life that you will remember for years to come.

I was given the opportunity to watch and review Paul, Apostle of Christ just for you!  This movie focuses on the end of Paul’s life when he was in Roman jail.  He was under the watchful eye of Mauritius who doesn’t understand how this old man could pose such a threat to the government.  While in jail, just before the end of his life, Luke writes another letter (and book) that to Timothy to help with the details of what will become to know as the church.

I felt lead to allow my 4 year old to watch Paul, Apostle of Christ with us, even though it’s rated PG-13 due to some violent content and disturbing images.  As I have mentioned in the past, we read her Bible to her every night, so she is familiar with Paul and his adventures.  We feel it’s important for her to learn as much as she can about the Bible, even the not-so-nice parts.  It was over her head, yes and she did lose interest for half of it, it did allow small talks about parts of the Bible she did know and was taught (like when Saul became Paul).

What really stood out to me was how it put a strong light on how early Christians were tortured just for believing in Jesus.  It made me realize how easy we have it as Christians now and we all should be thankful for that!  I also loved how some Bible verses were actually quoted in this.  That was awesome to hear.

Of course, they took artistic liberty, but creators of Biblical movies have to with how limited the Bible is about talking about certain events.


I think it’s very important to make christian movies as well as it’s able and stay away from campy or cheesy aspects.  Paul, Apostle of Christ does just that.  It’s very well made and the acting is phenomenal.  It shows that it’s possible to make a movie that is well made and high quality.  But, most importantly, the movie has taught me more about the life of Paul and Luke that I otherwise didn’t know or realize.

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