Prone to Wander Phone Cases {Review}

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it,

Prone to leave the God I love,

Here’s my heart, O take and seal it;

Seal it for thy courts above.


This song has been in my head ever since I got these three phone cases by Prone to Wander to test and tell you about.  We are all prone to wander from God aren’t we?  We, sometimes, need a little encouragement to stay close to God.  Sometimes, we need a little reminder of the truth and purpose of God’s Word.

Prone to Wander {link} is a website that sells trendy items to help you keep your mind on God.  They add parts of verses to art prints, canvas banners, digital art printables, and phone cases.  They set your mind back on God when you get too busy with life and forget what God can do for you.

Prone to Wander sent me three phone cases—one shiny, one clear, one wooden.  I was so excited about trying these out!  Not only will they remind me about God and His promises to me, but they also can be a testimonial on who I am and who God is to others who see my phone out and about.

Aren’t they so pretty??  I love them!  I mean, they aren’t as protective as my Otter Case, but if I’m careful not to drop my phone, these are perfect!  I love how simple and classy they are.


This was the first case I tried out.  Lemon loved it as she could see herself in the copper reflectiveness.  Ha!  I loved how it summarized John 3:16 simply to let us know that we are all loved by God! I am not too fond how the shininess shows fingerprints very easily.  I found myself rubbing the case against my shirt often.  I liked how the words are set in clear so they look 3D against the phone. My phone is silver, so if you have a different color phone, the words will look different.  It is made out of thick movable, plastic, rubber, so it will not crack like hard phone cases will.


Let me stop and take time to show you how the phone cases are packaged and shipped to you.  I love the simple design of the classy gold and clear bag.  It’s also resealable so you can change your phone case whenever you want, and protect the case when you store it.  Pretty nifty galifty, if you ask me!


The next case I tried (and the one I currently have on my phone) is the clear one.  This one simply describes the Bible as a whole:  faith, hope, and love.  What a great daily reminder!  As this one is clear, it will look different if your phone is a different color.  This one is also made from that bendable plastic/rubber, which is nice.  I try to stay away from hard cases as I always seem to crack those!  The print on this phone doesn’t seem to rub off as I scraped it with my nail pretty hard, and it stayed on.


This is my favorite as I love all things wood and nature.  This one isn’t movable like the other two, but the sides are (so getting it on is easier than a complete hard case).  Psalm 46:5 is engraved right into the wood, so that will never fade!  The flowers look like their painted on, but it is some sort of laser printed?  I am not sure, but I know that it is on well!  I love how it’s classy, simple, and feminine.

These are just samples of what Prone to Wander sells for phone cases.  Go to their website {link} to see the whole line—there is so many to choose from!  You can choose which design you love and which saying or verse you need to remind you of how awesome God is to you.


Would you like to win THREE Prone to Wander phone cases?  Click on the link below to enter!  If you do win, comment below and let me know!

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