Rapunzel Braid

Lemon is OBSESSED with Disney’s Rapunzel.  Obsessed. In fact, she calls herself Rapunzel!  (“Yup!  That’s my name!  That’s my real name!”). When I was randomly discussing what she wanted to be for Halloween with her yesterday after I came across Halloween ideas on Pinterest, she said she wanted to be Rapunzel again (she was Rapunzel last year!).  Wanting to take it up a notch from her costume last year, I decided to make her a Rapunzel braid!  I was inspired from the scene where she goes to her hometown for the lantern lighting ceremony and gets her hair braided and flowered by the local girls.

I won’t lie—this isn’t super easy to make.  The key is to try and keep the yarn from knotting and tangling.  I almost went insane!  I am so thankful my husband took Lemon and himself out of the house while I worked on this.  Of course, I like to make things extra difficult for myself because things are too easy, so I also added three braids to each section.  I am so smart.  (I wouldn’t suggest you do this AT ALL.). 

Items Needed:

  • 1 skein of yellow yarn
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Good, quality scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Faux flowers (optional)

First, get yellow yarn.  Easiest color to find in stores is light yellow, but I wanted a brighter color and got more of a mustard color.  

Measure out 60 strands, 9 feet long.  This will make the braid touch the floor if your child is a bit over 3 feet tall.  It’s immensely helpful to use two chairs set out the length you want and wrap the yarn around it instead of cutting each strand separately.  For extra depth, I added a about 10 strands of lighter color yarn for highlights.

(Oh, have you ever tried to use long lengths of yarn with a cat nearby?  It’s not easy, let me tell you!  Lots of yelling at said cat to stop messing with the strands.  Yup.)

After you have finished dolling out the yarn to the acquired length, cut the yarn equally, using good quality scissors.  This is important as you want to cut them quickly instead of fraying the ends.  If you want to add some ribbons, this  is the time to do this.  I did one ribbon down the length.  When you are done cutting and adding ribbon, use a bit of yarn to tie in the middle loosely.  This is just a marker.

Measure 15 inches from the center mark and braid (towards the center) the length of your child’s head measurement.  (My Childs head is 20 inches around.). Keep combing the yarn as you do this!!  This is super important to keep the yarn knot free!  Trust me on this, it will get hopelessly tangled if you won’t, which will cause you hours of frustration!  Use another piece of yarn to create a circle.  Tie as tightly as you can.

Separate in equal piles and braid the rest of the yarn.  This will be much easier to do than the headpiece part.  You won’t be tempted to toss it in the trash at this point.  But, keep making sure you keep the strands separated and tangle free!  I also suggest you weight the end to make it easier to braid.

Once you finish braiding (yay!), add another yarn to the end, tied as tight as you can.  Trim the ends to make it look nice.

Once finished, you can add Robbin tied in a bow to the end (hot glue it secure) and add flowers throughout it to make it look as authentic to the movie as you would like.  I got cheap flowers at Dollar General and they were a huge hit with my Lemon!  Hot glue the flowers to the braid.  Plus, the flowers can hide any faults you may see!

Lemon LOVED her new Rapunzel hair!  She squealed with delight and refuses to take it off.  Isn’t she so adorable with it on?

She looks so darling in this and I am so thrilled at how this turned out, despite I was going to quit and throw it out when it got endless tangles and knots!

For added fun, you can use white yarn for an Elsa braid, or, if you are extra creative, get red-brown yarn and make Anna braids!

Recently, we found out that we have been approved for a Make-a-Wish trip, due to her disease.  Guess where we are going?  That’s right—Disney!  We bought her a new Rapunzel dress for us to take (as the one we have is in shambles from being loved so much!)  I am going to make her another Rapunzel braid to take with us to Disney for her meeting with Rapunzel and Flynn as I know this Rapunzel wig will be less than perfect by October.  We haven’t told her yet, so we are almost bursting with excitement and from keeping this a secret!

Let me know if you attempt to make this wig and how your child liked it!

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