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I got my first Bible for Christmas the year I was 14.  (Earlier that year, I became a born-again Christian at a Christian camp in NH.)  My second one was given to me by my first college boyfriend my freshman year, which I used all through my college career.  I have gotten a few Bibles since then, but nothing has come close to this Bible.  The She Reads Truth Bible is nothing but a work of art!

I have wanted this Bible since I have first heard about it, but I hesitated getting it.  I decided to wait for a special day like Christmas or my birthday to ask for it.  I mean, I have three Bible that haven’t totally fallen apart again, never mind the one on my phone that I read daily, so why do I need a new one?  But, am a visual learner, so anything pretty makes me drool.

When FrontGate contacted me about reviewing this Bible to let my readers know about this Bible, I about peed in my pants and hyperventilated.  What a gift from God!  Yes yes yes!  And, ladies?  This Bible is worth buying!!

I was so excited to get this Bible in the mail!  Right away, I petted it in awe and started reading it.  It is so pretty!  I know the Word of God doesn’t have to be pretty, but why not?  I love the color of the cover!  The hardback cover is covered in linen called poppy (though I think it’s more salmon, but poppy sounds prettier!).  The binding is smyth-sewn binding, and I can tell that it will not fall apart quickly.

The insides of the Bible are just as pretty as it is functional.  I can’t stop reading it!  Let me show you and tell you about it.  After, you are SO going to want one too.

Devotionals & Reading Plans

There are 189 one page devotionals included near the key verses.  They do a great job at pointing people to God and His Word.  They don’t take long to read, but they do a suburb job at hitting what you need at that moment.  In fact, the one that I read today really hit home to me!

There is a reading plan in the back of the Bible that you can check off as you finish the reading for the day.  This allows you to read the entire Bible once, and the New Testament and Psalms twice a year.

Finally, there is a She Reads Truth reading plan that will take you almost 3 years to read the entire Bible, for when you want to slow down and immerse yourself in the Word.  This plan has you reading 5 days a week instead of 7.

It’s great to have something that can help me figure out what to read daily as sometimes I feel less than inspired what to read.

Book Introductions

Each book as an introduction that includes four main types of information.

  1. On the timeline—tells you when the book is believed to be written and when the events took place.
  2. A Little Background—helps you understand the historical and geographical context.
  3. Message & Purpose—outlines the geographical context.
  4. Message & Purpose—outlines the major themes and message of each book.
  5. Give Thanks—points out each book’s unique contribution to the Scripture as a whole.

I like this part as I like learning about all that I can about the book that I am about to read.  This part was really interesting to me!

Illustrated Verses

This is one of my favorite parts!  As an artist, it is a great way to point out a key verse from each verse in a creative way.  The 14 artists of the book chose one verse from each book to give you an outline of the entire Bible.  Each one is unique as the rest.  The illustrated verses are adjacent to the introduction.

All the 66 complete verses can be found in the Key Verse list in the back of the Bible to help you memorize them to your heart and mind.

Timelines, Maps, & Charts

I love this part too.  I am a visual learner, and love maps in general, so this part is so interesting to me.  The maps, charts, and timelines really help me learn and understand the Bible even better.  They even place historical events in the timelines so you can see where the events of the Bible fall in line with the rest of the world.  I have been studying these parts as I feel like I am learning so much things that will help enhance my Bible learning.

There are other things about this Bible, but I am going to keep them a secret from you so they are a surprise when you get your own!

The only negative thing I see is that the pages are really thin, as you can see in the pictures above.  I wish the pages were a bit thicker.  You can see the adjacent page through the other side.  I really don’t like that.  It makes it a bit harder to see what’s on each page.  It makes it a bit harder for me to read the pages properly without my glasses, especially if there is art (of any kind) or color on the adjacent page.  It does hurt my eyes.  Also, the intro’s font is a bit too small for me.

But, that is all that I can see that is a negative right now.  The whole concept of the Bible is amazing!  I can already tell that I will use this Bible a lot.  I love all the extras and, as a bonus, it is so pretty!  If you get one, you will spend so much time in God’s word and get to know our Heavenly Father even more!

Would you like one of these beautiful Bibles?  Would you like to WIN one?  You can win 1 of 7 copies!  Click on the photo below to enter!  You’re going to love this Bible!  (Contest ends on 12/10/2017. If you win, you will be notified by email.)

*FrontGate Media provided me a reader’s copy of this Bible to review for B&H Publishing.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. Such a gorgeous book! I totally agree with you – of course the Bible doesn’t need to be pretty, but I appreciate the visual aspect of it so much as an artist!

  2. I just found out about this and was hoping that I too would be able to own one.

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